Mop And Broom Holder - Set Of 3

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Mop clips are suitable for hanging mops, brooms, toilet brushes, umbrellas, etc.  Easily organize Brooms and Mops with strong spring clip. Holds items firmly, and easy Release.


1. Transparent PVC bottom plate, frosted texture, beautiful and versatile

2. Strong non-marking paste, full of stickiness, high and low temperature resistance, firm paste, strong bearing capacity, not easy to fall off

3. Dehydration is not easy to fall off, remove it, wash it with water, and dry it with a hair dryer, it can be pasted repeatedly

4. Easy to use, just stick it, easy to store, save space

5. Wide range of use, can be pasted on tiles, glass, marble, metal, smooth wood, smooth and oily surfaces

6. Suitable for hanging mops, brooms, toilet brushes, umbrellas, etc.

Specification :

1.Material: PVC+ABS

2. Size: 6*6*4.5 cm

3. Color: blue, gray, pink, white


1. Wipe clean the wall or the surface of the object to which the hook will be attached

2. Peel off the protective film on the back of the transparent bottom plate

3. Paste the hook on the wall that has been wiped clean, and press the bottom plate slightly with your fingers to use the air to discharge

4. Ready to use when finished.

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